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Our server is based on friendships, building great things, making cities, becoming rich and having a good time. This is the logblock info our staff could use to rollback grief or investigate mischief.


/lb rollback player fire since 1d3h – rolls back fire 1 day 3 hours

/lb rollback player fire since 1d3h area 15 – rolls back fire 1 day 3 hours within a radius of 15 blocks

/lb rollback player thad0ctor since 1h - rolls back thad0ctor 1 hour

/lb rollback player thad0ctor since 1d area 5 – rolls back thad0ctor actions for the last day within 5 blocks

/lb rollback area 10 since 1h30m - rolls back all modifications within 10 blocks since the list 1 hours and 30 mins

/lb rollback area 10 before 06.11.2011 - roll back all changes in an area of 1o before June 11th, 2011

/lb rollback player thad0ctor since 05:36:00 - roll back all changes of thad0ctor since 05:36 (server time)