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Ranking up allows you to have more locked protections like chests, dispensers, doors, etc. It also will allow you to own a city once you hit Mayor and expand them as you rank up beyond mayor. You will also start getting more homes you can set. Cities will keep your buildings safe from outsiders and grief and will allow you to file a grief report if someone inside your town went on a rampage. Protection limits are as follows:   You can add all your friends to your city and give them plots with /rg addmember [cityname] [playername]

To Rank-Up:

Step 1. Register at (the link is in top left corner)
You may get a confirmation email from enjin so don't use a bogus email address.

Once you have registered and joined megacitycraft, log in. Click the FORUM link.

 Scroll down some and you will see a category called Applications and inside that you will find [Rank Applications].

Pick the rank you are applying for. This tutorial is intended for Freemason.
Later applications will have extra information to create your very own city.

The first Thread will be labeled Freemason Application Format. Open it and copy the text. These are the instructions you will need for your application. To copy: [highlight and press Ctrl+C] or use your mouse to copy via RightClick.

 Then click the Freemason link to get back to the forum.

Next, make a New Thread:

The Subject will be 'Freemason Application - your name

to finish, paste the previously copied outline into the Body section with [Ctrl+V) or using your right mouse-click and paste.

 Finally, fill in the variables... and post it. :)

You can always browse through other players approved applications to see how they should look. I won't approve incorrect applications.

The chart below shows the features and perks you get by ranking up.

Rank Citizen Freemason Mayor Senator Governor President Worldleader Donator
Cost Free $15K $100K $500k $1.25M $5M $50M  
Locks 15 30 100 175 250  500 Unlimited Unlimited
Homes 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 100